VCOT 3/2017

On the cover of this issue, we see a re-printed model of the humerus in a dog with the respective patient-specific osteotomy and reduction guides attached with Ellis pins – the blue resin was used for the guides in order to...[more]

VCOT - Best Resident Paper

As first announced in 2013, and now in its 4th year, VCOT will present an annual award to the best resident paper which was published in the Journal that year. The 2016 winner is Dr. Denty Paul Vaughn for his paper “Pullout...[more]

VCOT 1/2017

In this issue of VCOT, authors G. L. Cole and D. Millis discuss limb amputation in dogs and the effect it has on weight distribution in the remainder three limbs following amputation. Although limb amputation is commonly ...[more]

VCOT 5/2016

There are currently a number of methods which surgeons can use when performing the pre-surgical planning for correction of limb deformities. Oftentimes, correction of these deformities can be challenging as one cannot obtain...[more]

VCOT 4/2016

One of the major complications that surgeons often face postoperatively is that of surgical site infection, which can oftentimes be difficult or impossible to manage with routine antibiotic therapy alone if it is related to or...[more]

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