VCOT 5/2016

There are currently a number of methods which surgeons can use when performing the pre-surgical planning for correction of limb deformities. Oftentimes, correction of these deformities can be challenging as one cannot obtain accurate measurements due to multi-planar torsional and angular deformities that make radiographic assessment difficult. Software manipulation of CT data has been used in humans and in dogs to obtain more accurate assessment, but even this technique has its limitations. More recently, various methods of 3D printing, including stereolithoghraphy (SLA), have been used to reproduce accurate full-size models of the bone. In this current issue of VCOT 5/2016, DeTora and Boudrieau have conducted a study in which they describe the surgical techniques and usage of SLA for correction of complex distal femoral deformities. Read the article Opens external link in new windowhere.